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The BYGS is more than an advanced search application, our system positions your company for all users by approach, changing the way people find your business. Several tools available in subscriber mode such as contact forms (phone, email, whatsapp, website, social network and map for navigation to your company), to present your company BYGS offers 4 languages ​​(Portuguese, English, Spanish and Japanese), photo gallery, video, general descriptions (opening hours, services and etc.), promotion system and forms of sharing for social networks and message box.

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After our confirmation, we will be publishing your company for your approval. Bygs allows our affiliates as soon as their company is published, to insert new photos in real time, just by logging in via google or facebook. To finalize your registration after your approval, read the terms of use and select your membership plan to give your company continuity and permanence to Bygs. Terms of use and membership plans click here!


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