Bygs Whitelab


To meet the demand of the digital market in a robust way and with solutions that are ideal for everyone, we created our basic website development platform with complete functions to meet the market need with speed and efficiency.

Our platforms meet all the necessary requirements so that your company can, sell, present, schedule, inform in the best possible way for your customers. Platforms designed to meet your need for the best possible cost benefit. We want you to  join BYGS  and have the opportunity to serve your customers even in the face of unexpected day-to-day difficulties.

Adapting the way you work.

The specifications for safe and efficient delivery are presented according to the way you work in effect, and can be changed whenever you want.

  • Local service
  • Regional service
  • Delivery
  • Take Out
  • Conveyor
  • Delivery time
  • Shipping (free or paid)

Personalized administrator access to make your changes whenever you want.


Our team is available to meet the market demand with its particularities regardless of the follow-up of your company.



Discover some of the tools available in the BYGS application, they will be part of your company’s integration.

Think big think  BYGS . Our growth depends on your growth, contact us and discover the BYGS way   of creation.

Get your website right now for just 3,900 yen a month.

Development of the platform from 10,000 (ten thousand yen), paid only once. Monthly maintenance cost 3,900.



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