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This 220 sq. ft. tiny home was built by Mike Gilmore, a residential home builder for the last 40 years who decided to take on the challenge of building a tiny home.  Gilmore is donating the tiny home to a non-profit to be raffled off.  Proceeds of the raffle are going towards the Midwest Food Bank, which has 11 locations in the United States, Africa, and Haiti.  Their mission is to alleviate hunger by gathering and distributing food donations to not-for-profits and disaster sites at no cost to the recipients.

How one house can make a big impact for two non-profits, and how you can be a part of it.

How you can make a difference

Look below to find three things you can act on right now to make a difference in the lives of thousands.

Purchase a Ticket

We are giving away a tiny house valued at over $50,000! Tickets are available at HERE.

Donate Directly

While this giveaway is running, we also provide the option to donate directly to the charities benefiting from the giveaway. Click on the links below to donate right now.

Learn More

Both Spread Truth and Midwest Food Bank provide relief to those in need. Learn more by clicking the links at the bottom of the page and support these amazing non-profits.


  1. Where can I learn more about Spread Truth?
    To learn more about Spread Truth Ministries, please visit their webpage at https://spreadtruth.com.
  2. How can I donate directly?
    To donate to Spread Truth Ministries, please visit their Donation Page. To Donate to Midwest Foodbank, visit their Donation Page.
  3. Where can I learn more about Midwest Foodbank?
    To learn more about Midwest Foodbank, please visit their webpage at https://midwestfoodbank.org.
  4. When is the raffle over?
    The raffle will end on August 28th and a winner will be drawn shortly afterward. We will notify the winner by email.

Visit the Tiny House Impact website here.


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