Discover our 3 in 1 system

It is now possible to present your products and services in a professional manner without bureaucracy, without development costs and without the need to wait days to see the result.

We present the BYGS White Label system. In a simple way, companies and independent professionals, among others, may have 3 systems at the same time to present all their content online.

We offer several websites for you to view and browse online, so just select the one that best fits your style of commerce.

All websites are developed for 2 formats, web version computer, web version smartphone, both joined by a single administrator customized for you, also without any development cost. The third version available is in the application format (Native APP), Bygs guide, this way your company will be present in more than 100 countries in 4 languages, Portuguese, English, Spanish and Japanese, with several forms of search and presentation, all linked to your website, completing a 3 in 1 circle, website for computer, website for smartphone and application.

But how does the system stay online since it has no development costs?

We decided to develop this entire platform to create greater equality between companies and with the collaboration and understanding of the entire team, we dedicated hours of work in order to only charge a small monthly hosting fee on the platforms. What is already accomplished in any traditional web service. With the union of large technology companies, we make this possible.

Select one of the plans and have your website + mobile website + app insertion right now.

Questions and answers

Yes, if you already have an address on the internet or want to buy one so that it becomes your personalized address, the system allows you to register without any extra fee.

Our affiliation plans do not have fines or additional fees if the customer wants to disconnect from the system, just cancel the recurrence in his own administration panel. However, their platforms will no longer be presented to the public.

Every day our team seeks improvements and new technologies to always present and leave you integrated with what is most modern today, come to BYGS, all together we are stronger.

How the Bygs system works

Bygs is a complex system developed to present places and services, using different tools and ways for everyone to interact and use
regardless of the name and size of the company.
With exclusive tools and cutting-edge technology, developed and developed by our web development and marketing team, with headquarters in Japan, India and Brazil,
programmers with a master’s degree in the Sicilian valley in San Francisco, a system awarded among the 10 best search and innovation systems by the Apple Designer Award 2017 conference, in the tourism category.

Bygs offers a page per native application for each location, with all its necessary information, ways of contact, navigation, promotions, photo gallery, videos, rating system, sharing, testimony, ranking, all in 4 languages ​​already defined by the system (Portuguese, English, Japanese Espanhole).

Some of our innovations are in the various search systems, by approximation, always showing the location closest to the most distant without even the user of the application knowing the name of the location. Even so, several resources to improve the search filter are presented such as, keyword search, category, subcategories, voice search for devices with Android operating system (OS) and augmented reality for devices with Apple Iphone (IOS) operating system.

Our application is global and can therefore be used anywhere in the world, allowing for a previous search even before reaching your tour destination, selecting your places of interest and knowing what else has around you.

To further improve our system and meet the need presented during the global pandemic for achieving Corona Virus, we have developed a super platform with collaboration from all sectors of the company, developing the newest tool for free websites.

The new system allows any and all companies to now obtain their website by selecting platforms developed and properly presented on our website (Showroom), without any development cost. Just select your hosting plan (affiliation), select the platform that best meets your needs, fill in the required fields for personalization with your ideas and that’s it.

In just a few minutes your website will be ready in 2 versions, for computers or notebooks and for Smartphones (Android and Iphone). An editor is customized for each website, containing all fields so that you can edit, change, add content and images at any time using your username and password.

As if it is not enough just after your website is completed, it is integrated into the Bygs application system in 4 languages, mentioned above. Thus, our proposal is defined in making available to everyone, regardless of the country, name and size of the company, cutting-edge tools so that their products and services have greater equality and competitiveness in the globalized world.

Bygs, good for us, great for you!

Frequently asked questions and answers

When creating an affiliation can I have my personalized name in the URL?
Yes, if you already have an address on the internet or want to buy one so that it becomes your personalized address, the system allows you to register without any extra fee.

If I no longer use the services, how does the cancellation work?
Our affiliation plans do not have fines or additional fees if the customer wants to disconnect from the system, just cancel the recurrence in his own administration panel. However, their platforms will no longer be presented to the public.

I selected the basic plan, but I want to switch to Advanced or vice versa is it possible?
Yes, your administration panel has a place for canceling and migrating a plan. As there is no value for the platform, when selecting our plan, the selected month will only be discounted in the following month.

Every day our team seeks improvements and new technologies to always present and leave you integrated with what is most modern today, come to BYGS, all together we are stronger.

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The  BYGS  is an advanced search application, targeted to different segments and the public, designed to bring companies and users in a simple and efficient way. At  BYGS  you have an innovative user experience for the entrepreneur, where the advertising entrepreneur promotes his company and at the same time sees hundreds of other companies from the most diverse segments. Thus making  BYGS  a great global filter by locations, wherever the user is, always the places closest to the most distant will be directed to you.

With this incredible filter you can travel to any part of the world, take the opportunity to visit incredible places, enjoy a great meal, move around safely, make reservations, orders, get promotions, check all the information of the establishments, seek help and much more. All this in a single application, created to make your day to day easier and give greater equality between all companies and segments. I would like to know more about BYGS,  click on the image below  and view our general functions.

It has never been so practical and fast to have your trade linked to the largest growing market in the world.

The web (Applications) segment has never been stronger, every day more and more people are forced to use mobile devices to keep up with the development and pace of the world market. However, barriers such as time, lack of knowledge and cost, make this tool limited for large networks. It was thinking about a solution for everyone that we created  BYGS . Now your company, micro, small, medium and large, or even you who have the ability to meet local needs with varied services, have the opportunity to have a professional presentation, presented to over 100 countries in  4 languages  (Portuguese, Japanese, English) and Spanish) , with all the tools and security your company needs. The  BYGS makes available to companies all available tools present in Japan, USA and European countries, so that all companies have the largest and best possible visual content.


Most interesting of all, you don’t need to be a computer technician or even need to pay someone or a company to feed your page on the app. The  BYGS  was developed so you have more time to devote to his duties and with simple tools and a few clicks you can feed your entrepreneur space  BYGS  whenever they want easily and quickly. And even if your customers collaborate with your company’s advertising! Like?


By downloading and logging in, the user gains tools so that he can evaluate, share and even feed the affiliated sites with photos sent by his smartphone. That’s right, at  BYGS , your customers are your biggest marketing tool. As a private social network,  BYGS  connects users to companies, allowing greater interaction between users and affiliated companies. So your company presents all your information such as opening hours, payment methods, accessibility, conditions, promotions, photo gallery, links, contact, navigation to your establishment, sharing with all social networks where the user obtains an account and much more.


Another big difference of  BYGS  compared to other systems, is that everything that comes to be marketed by the application is 100% responsibility and profit for the shopkeeper, regardless of the volume of their sales, the collection is of total merit of their products and efforts. Now we are sure that you must be thinking! But how much would it cost to have my BYGS affiliation   and how long would it take to happen?

To have your company finally affiliated with the largest search and advertising system present in more than 100 countries, with all the features and advantages, visit the subscription page and select your location to check its contract terms and values.

To insert your company in BYGS, the entrepreneur needs to follow some requirements such as:

  • Have an address for insertion on the global map.
  • Always keep your address and contact details up to date.
  • Be responsible for all your information and products presented.
  • Take responsibility for your promotions and campaigns offered.

In order to have a better and better experience at BYGS, follow some instructions:

When downloading for free,  allow BYGS to access your location . By allowing this function, you allow the system to always interact with your location with companies in order of approach, presenting on your Smartphone the companies from the closest to the most distant and creating the possibility for the user to give their assessment to the locations, share and post their photos leaving your mark on the places you visit.

  1. Login  – To create your assessment and share that photo of your own in the points you need to login.
  2. Language  –  BYGS  is available in 4 languages ​​so far for Brazil, (English, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese), when downloading  BYGS  will always start according to your Smartphone’s language, example; your Smartphone is in Portuguese, you will see all companies referring to the Portuguese language, with all their descriptions in Portuguese.
  • If you want to change the language of BYGS, just adjust in the settings of your Smartphone.
  • Settings → General → Languages ​​and Region → Region → Desired country

New technologies

  • Firebase Realtime Database ⇒ Firebase Realtime Database is a database hosted in the cloud.
  • The data is stored as JSON and synchronized in real time with all connected clients.
  • When you create cross-platform apps with our SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript, all customers share an instance of the Realtime Database and automatically receive updates with the latest data.
  • Big Data ⇒ Data flows at an unprecedented rate and must be processed in a timely manner. RFID tags, sensors, cell phones and smart meters are driving the need to handle immense amounts of data in real time, or near real time. Big Data is the term that describes the immense volume of data – structured and unstructured. Data is generated in all types of formats – from structured data, numeric data in traditional databases, to unstructured text documents, e-mail, video, audio, stock quote data and financial transactions.


This technology present in  BYGS  allows to drive affiliated companies to users by their current location, making the APP always different, depending on where it is accessed, always positioning companies to users in a way that is closest to the most distant, regardless of size or company name, creating greater equality among all affiliated companies and the possibility for new and small companies to have the same look and quality of presentation to users. Running away from the traditional way of searching for locations from other systems, where you need to know the name of the desired location, at  BYGS  you have the option of visiting different locations thanks to this technology.

INNOVATING THE WAY TO FIND EVERYTHING AROUND YOU. Do you know what AR – Augmented Reality is?


The  BYGS  has the function of  Augmented Reality . A revolutionary technology that interacts human beings with machines, presenting affiliated locations on the screen of your Smartphone by clicking on the AR icon  , so  BYGS  has access to your camera so that it makes the interaction of reality with affiliated companies. In a simple way,  Augmented Reality  is a technology that allows the virtual world to be mixed with the real, enabling greater interaction and opening up a new dimension in the way we view and enjoy the application.

Notes : Available for IOS, Iphone operating system.

The application of this technology reinforces our proposal to present APP users with the largest number of locations using now 2 incredible tools. Geolocation + Augmented Reality

Safety first!

For your greater security, BYGS has its entire hosted and secure platform independent of payment platforms to create greater protection for your data and information. We use the best and most secure payment platforms to guarantee you complete security in using the system. To facilitate and guarantee your security, BYGS offers the PayPal payment platform. If you don’t have your account yet or you still have questions about how to proceed with PayPal, click to see how simple and secure it is.




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