Install the application so that you have a complete experience.


Allow your location for the application to work properly.


Browse through the various forms available on BYGS. Categories, all locations or keywords.


BYGS is an advanced search application, aimed at the most diverse segments and public, developed to bring companies and users closer together in a simple and efficient way. At BYGS you have an innovative user experience for the entrepreneur, where the advertiser promotes his company and at the same time sees hundreds of other companies from the most diverse segments. Thus making BYGS a great global filter by locations, wherever the user is, always the places closest to the most distant will be directed to you.

With this incredible filter you can travel to any part of the world, take the opportunity to visit incredible places, enjoy a great meal, get around safely, make reservations, orders, get promotions, check all the information of the establishments, seek help and much more. All this in a single application, created to make your day to day easier and give greater equality between all companies and segments. know more about BYGS,click on the image below I would like to and view our general functions.

By downloading and logging in, the user gains tools so that he can evaluate, share and even feed the affiliated sites with photos sent by the smartphone itself. That’s right, at BYGS, your customers are your biggest marketing tool. As a private social network,BYGS connects users with companies, allowing greater interaction between users and affiliated companies. So your company presents all your information such as opening hours, payment methods, accessibility, conditions, promotions, photo gallery, links, contact, navigation to your establishment, sharing with all social networks where the user obtains an account and much more.

When downloading for free,allow BYGS to access your location. By allowing this function, you allow the system to always interact with your location with companies in order of approach, presenting on your Smartphone the companies from the closest to the most distant and creating the possibility for the user to give their assessment to the locations, share and post their photos leaving your mark on the places you visit.

Language – O BYGS is available in 4 languages so far for Brazil, (English, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese), when downloading the BYGS will always start according to the language of your Smartphone, example; your Smartphone is in Portuguese, you will see all companies referring to the Portuguese language, with all their descriptions in Portuguese.

BYGS instructions: How to add photos, make reviews, wish list.

  1. Login – To create your assessment and share that photo of your own in the points you need to login.
  2. Click on PLUS represented by …, or click on the white icon with the photo of the camera located on the orange strip.
  3. Choose one of the options for login, Facebook, Line, Instagram, Google+ and for Apple smartphones, Apple Store login.
  4. There, your functions are activated.

Find everything around you in a new way.

BYGS presents several forms of advanced search so that you can find everything around you and in more than 100 countries.

  1. Click find everything around you just above the banner → Find everything around you
  2. BYGS will present on the next screen the locations by approximation wherever you are. (Geolocation technology + Firebase)
  3. In this screen you can also search by keyword.
  4. Augmented Reality, this option is only for Apple smart phones. Click the icon described AR, the system will use the smart phone camera, just now direct your camera that the locations appeared on the screen, integrating the real world with the virtual. This technology was awarded as one of the 10 best search functions for applications in 2017, elected by the Apple Design Awards.
  5. Categories → To make your search even easier, check the locations by categories. Instructions just in the image below.


Chat, call and answer your questions with the locals via whatsapp chat.

Get to the locations inserted in BYGS quickly and easily.

Just click on the page of the place you want to visit on the green background icon with the map design. Illustration below ⇓

Our system uses Google Maps


Our system allows integration (link), the company’s social network, email, phone, whatsapp chat and website. Main functions so that you can have access to more information about the place, so it allows you to place orders, reservations, purchases and ask questions.

  • If you want to change the language of BYGS, just adjust in the settings of your Smartphone.
  • Settings → General → Languages and Region → Region → Desired country

Speaking a little more about integration, BYGS also offers companies that do not have a website with a free website with a personalized administrator, with a smart phone version and integration with the BYGS application.

Website Onepage, are single page websites but have all the information necessary for companies to present and offer all their services.

Monthly cost to maintain your entire system, Website + smart phone version + Bygs app

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