Patagonia with luxury and adventure

Content presented by the 50 for 1 program with Alvaro Garnero.

Patagonia with luxury and adventure


Álvaro stayed at the Arakur Resort, the same hotel where Leonardo di Caprio stayed during the recording of O Regresso. Opened in 2014 at the top of Cerro Alarkén, the hotel has 100 rooms and a sustainable architecture that mixes materials such as rocks and aromatic woods. The building, made of copper and glass, favors natural light and guarantees a unique view of the Beagle Channel, which marks the border between Argentina and Chile. Outside the hotel, 250 meters high, Di Caprio’s favorite spot: a swimming pool with an underwater soundtrack and an infinity edge overlooking the bay of Ushuaia.

Despite all the comfort of the hotel, Álvaro Garnero decided to explore the region of Mount Alarkén by making a trail to the top of the site. Along the way he got to know some peculiarities of the Patagonian flora, but it was at the very top of the hill, at over 250 meters high, that he was able to understand the whole dimension of the End of the World.

Leaving the hotel, he received a ride from Brasileiros de Ushuaia for an off-road expedition through cinema landscapes, such as the Olivia River, where the last scene of O Regresso was recorded. And also for the beautiful Escondido and Fagnano lakes, postcards from Ushuaia. On the way Álvaro also witnessed what the improper insertion of a species in a place can do with the local nature. A few decades ago, a local resident decided to buy 25 Canadian beaver couples to open a fur industry. The deal did not work and the unsuspecting released the animals into the environment. Without natural predators, beavers reproduced exponentially. And as Argentine trees are much softer than Canadian trees, they are leaving a trail of destruction in Patagonia. An environmental problem that the Government of both Argentina and Chile is now trying to solve.

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