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To make your experience with BYGS better every day, we present the Fast Food category with the largest fast food chains in the world and unique places where you can taste a delicious hamburger, fries, pizzas, sandwiches, juice, savory, express restaurants among others. But do you know which are the biggest fast food chains in the world? Meet some of them and find out by the BYGS app which ones are closest to you.

1. McDonald’s
Founded 1954
More than 33,000 points of sale worldwide

McDonald’s is the largest franchise chain in the world, with an incredible $ 89 billion network in global sales. Despite increased competition, McDonald’s has maintained this position every year since the ranking was first launched in 2000. To put this size in context, it’s bigger than KFC, Subway and Burger King combined.


2. Seven-Eleven
Founded 1927
Over 55,000 points of sale worldwide

Boxes continue to touch 7-Eleven franchises with $ 84 billion in global sales and ranking as the second largest franchise in the world. This is also the largest convenience store chain in the world with around 55,000 stores in 16 countries and 10,400 stores in North America alone.

3. KFC
Founded 1930
Over 18,800 points of sale worldwide

Which came first, KFC or the desire for fried chicken? The worldwide taste for KFC is insatiable and this giant serves more than 12 million customers a day in more than 115 countries. The parent company Yum! is ranked 201st on the Fortune 500 list, with revenues in excess of $ 13 billion. It is estimated that, on average, 185 million people see a KFC commercial at least once a week.

4. Subway
Founded 1965
More than 42,000 points of sale worldwide

In 1965, Fred DeLuca planned to become a doctor. In search of a way to finance his education, a friend suggested that he open a sandwich shop. Today, the brand is the largest sandwich chain in the world and the fourth largest global franchise. Subway refers to the shape of the roll, not the recommendation that the sandwich should be eaten under water.

5. Burger King
Founded 1953
More than 13,000 points of sale worldwide

Burger King, often abbreviated as BK, is ranked as the fifth largest franchise in the world with global sales reaching $ 16 billion. The majority shareholders of the group are the Brazilian private equity group 3G Capital.

6. Hertz
Founded 1918
More than 11,500 points of sale worldwide

Almost as old as the invention of the car itself, Hertz has almost a century in the car rental industry. With $ 14 billion in global sales, Hertz is the largest car rental business in the world, with nearly 9,000 locations in 147 countries. Hertz’s reservation centers handle approximately 40 million phone calls and 30 million reservations a year.


7. Ace Hardware
Founded 1924
More than 4,800 points of sale worldwide

Ace Hardware comes in seventh place with global sales totaling more than $ 13 billion. The company was named in honor of World War I ace fighter pilots, who were able to overcome all odds. An appropriate name for what has become the largest home improvement franchise in the world.

8 – Circle K (Family Mart in Japan)
Founded 1951
More than 8,200 points of sale worldwide

At number eight is the convenience store brand Circle K. This is quite an achievement for the retail giant that filed for bankruptcy in 1990. The franchised part of the business has global sales of $ 12 billion. Circle K is owned and operated by the Canadian company under the name of Alimentation Couche-Tard.

9. Pizza Hut
Founded 1958
More than 14,000 points of sale worldwide

At number nine is Pizza Hut, the second brand from parent company Yum !. This fast food franchise can be found in more than 120 countries – anywhere from Lebanon to Luxembourg. With global sales reaching $ 12 billion, we can blame this pizza giant for raising the price of tomatoes.

10. Wendy’s
Founded 1969
More than 6,500 points of sale worldwide

Wendy’s is still a favorite of franchises with a formidable number of global sales of $ 9 billion. Although it doesn’t have a signature meal like ‘The Big Mac’ or ‘The Whopper’ the chain is known for its square burgers, sea salt fries and soft-serve ice cream.

Now when it comes to the number of stores established, the fast food chain with the largest locations around the world are as follows:

1. Subway
44,800 franchises

2. McDonald’s
36,500 franchises

23,700 franchises

4. KFC
19.4 thousand franchises

5. Burger King
15 thousand franchises

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