• Insertion in the global BYGS Premium application
  • Activation of all functions
  • Promotions, videos, photo gallery, general description in 4 languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish and Japanese)
  • Navigation to the location, geolocation, augmented reality (iphone).

Monthly subscription: BYGS Premium App


Have your business, place or commercial establishment published on the amazing system BYGS.

Please read the terms of use before making your request:

1. General conditions:

1.1. The provision of services is limited to making the contractor available upon acceptance and conditions of this instrument, limited virtual space in the form of a mobile application, together with the advanced search system named and registered by federal laws.

1.2. Upon the terms of the contract, the contractor will be automatically requesting the contracted virtual space in the application format (APP) and all tools described in term 2.5.

1.3. The violation of the contracting company’s terms of responsibility described in term 3.2, will result in the cancellation of your affiliation, even through the contractor properly legalizing the terms of use. The contractor is not responsible for returning the amounts paid, given that there was non-compliance by the contractor.

1.4. In case of non-payment the services will be temporarily suspended, automatically by the system. After the 30-day period, the files will be deleted from the system, with no possibility of resuming with them, so please contact us if you wish to resume activities in the near future, before the 30-day period.

1.5. For payments by bank deposit, they will be accepted only for plans lasting 6 or 12 months. For monthly payments by credit card only.

  • 2. Obligations of BYGS:
  • 2.1. Provide, through membership, a safe and reliable environment for the contractor, ensuring that your information is always safe and confidential, as well as values in operation through 128-bit encryption.
  • 2.2. Provide electronic technical support whenever necessary by contact@bygs.site
  • 2.3. Keep in operation all tools presented in the membership package duly requested by the contractor.
  • 2.4. FREE membership. The free membership in BYGS, are for public places such as squares, parks, service agencies directed to the population, beaches, cultural heritage, public safety, among others that will offer their services to serve the well of the population without obtaining the sale of products and services to its users. For companies in general, free membership is limited to registering the address for navigation and name of the establishment, other functions are inactive.
  • 2.5. Affiliation:
  • Insertion of photos in the application, availability of visualization in 4 languages (Portuguese, English, Japanese and Spanish), general information in the application according to the company’s needs, GPS map, Telephone contact, Whatsapp (new), web link -site and social networks, Video, Promotion, sharing and hosting.


  • 3. Obligations of the contractor:
  • 3.1. Do not expose and publish frivolous and inappropriate content or that contain material that offends moral and ethical principles. Seeking to keep your data updated such as address, terms, and values.
  • 3.2. All published and promoted material is the sole responsibility of the contracting company, the same being civilly and criminally responsible, and in no way can it hold BYGS responsible for any inappropriate material or content disclosed, used, or even to claim damages of any kind for losses caused by the 3rd. Thus, the contractor declares itself without any responsibility for the content, transactions and services provided by the contracting companies.
  • 3.3. Make the payment on time, selected at the time of membership. Failure to pay within 5 business days after the due date will result in the contractor migrating to offline mode, the migration to offline mode does not provide a temporary view of your establishment across the global BYGS system. Only after proof of payment will the contractor, your company be linked to the global BYGS again, and it may take up to 36 hours for your return.
  • 3.4. Carry out and comply with your end customer all services and products within the specified period. Therefore, the contracting company is responsible for all of its publications, promotions and services rendered and described in BYGS, exempting the contracted company from any responsibility regarding its products, services, deadlines and untrue information published.


  • 4. Company policy:
  • 4.1. Categories – The creation of new categories can be carried out according to regional needs. Therefore, the BYGS team has the right to insert new categories if necessary without prior notice.
  • 4.2. New terms – This term may, at any time, have its content, or part of it, modified for adjustments, insertions and improvements, all with a view to improving the services provided. The new conditions will be applied as soon as their publication is posted on the website, and the affiliated company may express opposition to any of the modified terms, provided that it does so in writing, through the official email box contact@bygs.site
  • 4.3. Termination of contract – The contractor and / or the contractor have the right to terminate the contract if there is a breach by one of the parties regarding the terms described in this document.
  • 4.4. Changes in values – It will only be possible to change the annuity and monthly fee charged to the contractor, after the same has been informed with a period of 30 days in advance. In the case of an annual fee and monthly fee adjustment, a ceiling of 20% was set as a limit in case there is a need for future adjustments to existing contracts. It will not be allowed to readjust 2 or more times in a period of 12 months.
  • 4.5. Taxes – The amount collected on taxes is according to the consumption tax stipulated by the federal government. These taxes are adjusted according to the needs of the federal government and are not stipulated by BYGS. In the event of a federal readjustment, it will be passed on to companies affiliated with BYGS, the statement on tax rates is present on the official website of the government of Japan.


  • 5. Acceptance of the terms of use!
  • The contractor declares to have read, understood and accepts all rules, conditions and obligations established in this term. Therefore, the parties elect the competent one of the interpretation without any doubts for possible controversies.
  • For further information, please contact our central office and send your question in writing to contact@bygs.site, we will be happy to assist you.




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