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BYGS is an advanced search application, catering to various segments and audiences, designed to bring companies and users together in a simple and efficient manner. With BYGS, you experience an innovative user-to-business interaction, where advertising entrepreneurs promote their businesses while also browsing through hundreds of other businesses across various sectors. This makes BYGS a comprehensive global filter by locations, ensuring that wherever the user is, locations from nearest to farthest are always directed towards them.


BYGS is an advanced search application, designed to serve a wide range of industries and audiences, with the aim of connecting businesses and users seamlessly and effectively. Within BYGS, users experience a groundbreaking journey from being consumers to entrepreneurs, as advertising businesses promote their offerings while simultaneously exploring numerous other businesses spanning various sectors. This establishes BYGS as a powerful global filtering system based on location, ensuring that whether users are nearby or distant, they are always directed to the most relevant locations.”

“Confirm your location on the map. BYGS can adjust your location based solely on your indication on the map, making it easier and correcting your exact location for your visitors to find your company.”

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