Hiroshima: Memories of Peace

Hiroshima: Memories of Peace

Hiroshima is a Japanese city located in the western region of the country, globally known due to the historical events that occurred during World War II. Currently, Hiroshima is a modern, vibrant city full of history. Hiroshima is a city that faced significant adversity but rebuilt itself with resilience and now serves as a symbol of peace and reconciliation. In addition to historical landmarks, the city offers a rich cultural experience and opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty around it.

Here are some suggestions on what to do in Hiroshima:

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park: Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, built in memory of the victims of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. The park includes the Peace Memorial, the Flame of Peace, and the Memorial Cenotaph.
  • Atomic Bomb Dome (Genbaku Dome): This building, which survived the atomic blast, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a lasting symbol of the horrors of war.
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum: Explore the museum for a deeper understanding of the events that occurred in August 1945 and learn about the consequences of the atomic bomb.
  • Miyajima Island (Itsukushima): Take a ferry to Miyajima Island to see the famous Floating Torii Gate of Itsukushima Shrine, considered one of Japan’s three most beautiful places.
  • Mount Misen: Hike up Mount Misen for panoramic views of Miyajima Island and the Hiroshima region.
  • Hiroshima Castle: Explore Hiroshima Castle, which was rebuilt after the atomic bomb and offers views of the city.
  • Shukkeien Garden: Stroll through this beautiful traditional Japanese garden, known for its serene landscapes and lakes.
  • Hiroshima Orizuru Tower: Climb to the observation deck of this tower for panoramic views of the city, including the Atomic Bomb Dome.
  • Hondori Avenue: Shop and explore the bustling Hondori Avenue, full of shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  • Hiroshima City Asa Zoological Park: If traveling with family, Hiroshima Zoo offers a variety of animals and activities.
  • Hiroshima Museum of Contemporary Art: Explore this contemporary art museum displaying works by local and international artists.
  • Hiroshima Tourist Information Center: Visit the Hiroshima Tourist Information Center for guidance and up-to-date information on events and attractions.
  • Okonomimura: Experience the famous local specialty, okonomiyaki (a type of Japanese pancake), in Okonomimura, an area dedicated to this dish.
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