Japanese cuisine – Ramen

Japanese cuisine – Ramen

Varieties of Ramen in Japan and Where to Eat

Ramen is an essential part of Japanese cuisine, and its various types reflect regional characteristics and local tastes. Here are some of the main ramen varieties and where you can try them in different parts of Japan:

Shoyu Ramen (醤油ラーメン)

    • Description: Soy sauce-based broth with a salty and umami flavor.
    • Where to Eat: Found in many ramen restaurants in Tokyo and other major Japanese cities. Try it at specialty shops like “Ramen Jiro” in Tokyo.

Miso Ramen (味噌ラーメン)

    • Description: Thick miso-based broth, known for its rich and savory flavor.
    • Where to Eat: Originating from Sapporo, Hokkaido, where the cold climate pairs perfectly with this dish. Try it at renowned places like “Ramen Shingen” in Sapporo.

Shio Ramen (塩ラーメン)

      • Description: Clear salt-based broth, offering a light and salty taste.
      • Where to Eat: Popular in coastal cities like Hakodate, where sea water contributes to the distinct flavor. Visit “Ajisai Ramen” in Hakodate for an authentic experience.

Tonkotsu Ramen (豚骨ラーメン)

    • Description: Creamy pork bone broth with an intense and rich flavor.
    • Where to Eat: Fukuoka in Kyushu is famous for its tonkotsu ramen. Try it at “Ichiran Ramen” in Fukuoka, known for its individual dining booths.

Tsukemen (つけ麺)

    • Description: Noodles dipped in a concentrated broth served separately, with an intense umami flavor.
    • Where to Eat: Tokyo is a great place to try tsukemen. Visit “Rokurinsha” at Tokyo Ramen Street for an authentic tsukemen experience.

Tantanmen (担担麺)

    • Description: Spicy ramen with a chili and sesame-based sauce, originating from Chinese cuisine.
    • Where to Eat: Found in many ramen restaurants across Japan. Try “Tantanmen Kikanbo” in Tokyo for an especially spicy version.

Kitakata Ramen (喜多方ラーメン)

    • Description: Shoyu-based ramen often influenced by fish broth, popular in the Kitakata region.
    • Where to Eat: Kitakata in Fukushima is the place to try this ramen. Visit “Ramen Ichiban” for an authentic bowl of Kitakata ramen.

Hakata Ramen (博多ラーメン)

    • Description: Thick pork bone broth ramen, originating from Fukuoka.
    • Where to Eat: Try it in Fukuoka, where this style is most popular. “Ippudo Ramen” is a well-known chain for its excellent Hakata ramen.

Tokyo Ramen (東京ラーメン)

    • Description: Shoyu-based ramen often with chicken or pork broth, popular in Japan’s capital.
    • Where to Eat: Tokyo offers a wide variety of ramen shops. Visit “Ramen Kagari” in Ginza for a delicious version of Tokyo ramen.

Sapporo Ramen (札幌ラーメン)

    • Description: Miso-based ramen, usually enriched with pork or chicken, ideal for cold climates.
    • Where to Eat: Try it in Sapporo, Hokkaido, where it is a local favorite. “Ramen Yokocho” is a famous area to explore various Sapporo ramen shops.

Each variety of ramen in Japan offers a unique culinary experience, reflecting local traditions and regional ingredients. When visiting Japan, be sure to explore the different regions and their ramen specialties for a true immersion in Japanese culinary culture.

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