Welcome to Osaka

Welcome to Osaka

Osaka is one of Japan’s largest cities and is known for its vibrant food scene, parks, cultural attractions, and lively nightlife. Osaka is a dynamic city that blends tradition and modernity, offering a wide range of experiences for visitors. Its friendly atmosphere, delicious cuisine, and varied attractions make it a captivating destination.

The Osaka metropolitan region, often referred to as Greater Osaka, includes not only the city of Osaka but also several neighboring cities and suburbs. As of January 2022, the population of the Osaka metropolitan area was estimated to be around 19 million people.

  • Food Culture: Known as the “Gourmet Capital of Japan,” Osaka offers an incredible variety of delicious dishes. From takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) to fresh sushi and comforting ramen, Osaka’s street food and restaurants are a feast for the senses.
  • Dotonbori: This is the pulsating heart of Osaka, brimming with bright lights, colorful signs, and an electrifying atmosphere. Dotonbori is the place to experience Osaka’s nightlife, enjoy delicious meals, and shop until late into the night.
  • Osaka Castle: A historic symbol of the city, Osaka Castle offers a fascinating insight into Japan’s history. The surrounding gardens are perfect for relaxing strolls and appreciating nature.
  • Shopping: From luxurious shopping malls to lively commercial districts, Osaka is a paradise for shopping enthusiasts. Explore areas like Shinsaibashi, Namba, and Umeda to find everything from high-end brands to unique souvenir shops.
  • Universal Studios Japan: For a dose of fun and excitement, visit Universal Studios Japan, where you can immerse yourself in fantasy worlds based on popular movies and TV shows.
  • Markets and Festivals: Osaka is known for its vibrant markets and lively festivals throughout the year. Don’t miss out on the Kuromon Ichiba Market for an authentic food experience and the Tenjin Matsuri Festival, one of Japan’s oldest festivals.

Osaka is a city that never sleeps, where each day brings a new adventure and each night is filled with exciting possibilities. If you’re in search of unique experiences, delicious flavors, and a vibrant culture, Osaka is the place to be.

Here are some suggestions on what to do in Osaka:

  • Osaka Castle: Explore Osaka Castle, an impressive structure dating back to the 16th century. The castle is surrounded by a park and offers insight into Japan’s military history.
  • Dotonbori: Stroll through Dotonbori, a neighborhood famous for its neon signs, restaurants, street shops, and lively atmosphere. Be sure to take a photo with the iconic Glico Running Man.
  • Kuromon Ichiba Market: Explore Kuromon Ichiba Market, a bustling market where you can sample a variety of local delicacies, including fresh seafood, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki.
  • Shitenno-ji Temple: Visit Shitenno-ji Temple, Japan’s oldest Buddhist temple, founded in the year 593.
  • Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan: Discover the marine world at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, which houses a variety of marine species in massive tanks.
  • Universal Studios Japan: Have fun at Universal Studios Japan, a theme park offering thrilling attractions based on popular movies.
  • Osaka National Museum of Art: Explore an impressive collection of Japanese and international art at this museum.
  • Umeda Sky Building: Head to the top of the Umeda Sky Building for a spectacular panoramic view of Osaka.
  • Shin-Osaka: Visit the Shin-Osaka area, where you can find shopping centers, restaurants, and the famous Umeda office building.
  • Osaka Castle Park: In addition to visiting Osaka Castle, enjoy Osaka Castle Park for relaxation, picnics, and nature walks.
  • Old Town Osaka (Osaka Castle Park): Explore the area around Osaka Castle, which offers a peaceful experience with quaint streets and historic sites.
  • Osaka Museum of History: Appreciate local history and city views from this museum, located near Osaka Castle.
  • Sumiyoshi Taisha Temple: Visit one of Japan’s oldest and most revered Shinto shrines, known for its traditional arched bridges.
  • Ramen Street (Osaka Station): If you’re a ramen fan, don’t miss Ramen Street at Osaka Station, where you can sample different varieties of this popular Japanese dish.
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