Where to eat a delicious pasta in Italy

Where to eat a delicious pasta in Italy

In Italy, finding a place to eat delicious pasta is a relatively easy task, given the country’s love for this beloved dish. BYGS presents some of the best places to enjoy authentic Italian pasta:

  • Rome, Lazio: Try the famous restaurant “Da Enzo al 29” in Rome, known for its fresh and authentic pasta, especially the cacio e pepe and carbonara.
  • Florence, Tuscany: Visit “Trattoria Mario” in Florence, a popular restaurant among locals, where you can taste simple and delicious homemade pasta.
  • Bologna, Emilia-Romagna: Known as the birthplace of ragù, or Bolognese sauce, Bologna offers a variety of incredible restaurants to try this classic pasta. Try “Trattoria Battibecco” for an authentic experience.
  • Naples, Campania: Naples is famous for its pizza, but it also offers an amazing variety of pasta dishes. Try “Trattoria da Nennella” to taste flavorful pasta in a cozy and traditional setting.
  • Sicily: For a unique Sicilian pasta experience, visit “La Bettola del Gusto” in Palermo, where you can sample fresh pasta dishes with Mediterranean flavors and local ingredients.
  • Milan, Lombardy: In Milan, try “Trattoria Torre di Pisa,” a family-owned restaurant known for its fresh pasta and delicious sauces.

Remember that often the best places to experience authentic Italian pasta are those frequented mainly by locals. Don’t hesitate to explore small trattorias and family-run restaurants, where you can find some of the best pasta Italy has to offer. Buon appetito!

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